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Malew Presentments 1749

[From Malew presentments 1749 - some loss on filmed edges]
To the Revd Edward Moore and Robt Radcliffe Vicars Genrll

The humble petition of Wm Clague for himself and
wife, and in behalf of their sister Dorothy Clague

[Hum]mbly representing
That yr petnrs Wm Clague and wife lies
under a great concern, by reason of the said Dorothy their
sister being brought to bed of a child in their house
about a month ago, and as the sd Dorothy is a poor
helpless idiott not capable of takeing care of
her self, let alone the care of a tender infant
so that both must certainly be a great burden upon the
petnrs, but as the poor distressed creature at the time
of the child's birth and ever since fathers the child
upon one John Vondy of the sd parish, who is able
to be at the expences of maintaining the sd child, -
and presented by the church
wardens upon common fame, this day appeared where
the sd Vondy utterly withstood, and denied his
carnal dealing wth the sd Dorothy, yet she still
sticks to her first word and will give in no other
father, causes your petnrs to fly to your reverences
for relief

And therefore humbly beg, beseech, and suppli=
cate you, out of your clemency and usual
compassion to the afflicted may be graciously pleased
to take the cause into your judicious consideration,
and to order that the sd Vondy will be obliged to
take care of the sd child as father, or to provide
a nourse, that the burthen may not ly upon the
petnrs, and an innocent childs life in hazard, as
being in the custody of such a poor helpless creature
the conception of wch will cause the petnrs to pray &c

At a Consistory Court in Castletown May 25th 1749

john Vondy being presented for fornication wth Dorothy
Clague - the child born - said Vondy having appeared
before us, denys the charge and alledges that the sd Dorothy
is a foolish girl - & that her sayings are not to be
regarded - Whereupon having taken the depositi=
ons of several witnesses who were present at & near
birth of the child & presently after the woman was put to bed
- Having also the account wch sd Dorothy gives of
the time, place & other circumstances - wn[when?]9she says) sd Vondy
first abused her - in all wch she is very particular - and
without any the least variation both yesterday & this day
in court. And that her answers are direct & rational
- we havetht[thought] fit after speaking []iously to her, to comit
her to her oat and she has declared as she did to the women
wn she was brt[brought] to bed that John Vondy junr is father of her child
upon consideration whereof & of the preceding & circumstances
concerning. And they are therefore commtd 7 dies in []
& to give bionds of £3 ad usm Dmi to perform 3 dies in Ecclm
& noniterm? f[]
Edwd Moore

At a Consistory Court in Castletown May 25th 1749

Margt Vondy sworn & examined deposes that Wm
Clague came to her house early in the morning of
the day that Dorothy Clague was delivered of her
illegitimate child, & coming into the house where
the sd Dorothy was, saw the sd child lying on the floor,
& upon inquiring who the father of
the sd child was, the sd Dorothy replied that John Vondy
junr was father thereof
Margt Vondy her x

Ellinr Gelling sworn & examined declares as the
above depont Margt Vondy - and further adds
that the people of the house where sd Dorothy was
delivered, they wd not take up the sd child
off the floor, till Dorothy wd declare who was
the father thereof, upon wch Dorothy replyed that
the sd John Vondy was the father of the sd
child - and being near neighbors to sd John Vondy
& Dorothy Clague, they never heard her mention
any other person either before or since the birth
of the child to be the father of it
Elinr Gelling her mrk x

Anne Cubbon als Moore sworn & examined declares
to the same purport & substance as the within dep[]
Margt Vondy & Ellinr Gelling
Anne Cubbon als Moore her mrk

Anne Shimin sworn & examined deposes that being
sent for to the house where the within Dorothy Clague
was delivered of her illegitimate child, who took the said
child, & dress'd it, & the child being carry'd afterwards to the
father of sd child, to wch sd Dorothy Clague the
mother, reply'd, that the sd John Vondy, was the
father of sd child
Anne Shimin her mrk x

Thos Quayle sworn & exam'd deposes that
sevl weeks before the birth of the above child, the sd
Dorothy was in his house, & asking her whether she
was with child, she reply'd, if she was wth child then
Edwd Mcylrea was the father of the child
Thos Quayle his mrk x

May 25th taken before us Edw Moore, Ro Radcliffe


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