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Lezayre Presentments 1745

Wardens: Thos Corlett, John Christian, Wm Curghey, Robt Cottier
Chapter Quest: James Fail, Wm Kewley, Richard Brew, Wm Crain

William Curghey presents, that, as Coroner, charging William Kneal jnr of Balla Cowle at his own house at the suit of his father William Kneale, The Old Thief, says sd Wn Kneale junr pointing to his father, will be hanged before I & my family will appear before the deemster [? as blotted] I am too old now to be hanged, replyes the old man, but do you take care of your self. After repeatedly calling his father an old thief the sd warden amazed at his impiety tells him that he must never expect the Blessing of God & that the Grace of God wd not be in him to say so of his father, the sd Kneal jnr imprecated thus in Manks Chiarn, drough Ghraee as drough vaare va er e shenn varliagh. Upon the information of the sd warden all the wardens present the sd Wm Kneale jnr.

The wardens present that the part of rent accrueing annually to the poor of Lezayre out of the house at Ramsey set to Capt Nich Christian & his Exors was never yet collected


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