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German Presentments 1637

Archdeacon Wills 1637

Archdeacon Wills 1637 German Presentment Dorothy Shimmin als Leece vs her brother Jn Leece:
[This following was a page tucked in about 2/3s of the way through the censure of Sir William Cosnahan and his wife Elizabeth Cosnahan alias Bridson:]

Dorathy Shymmine (alias) Leece acknowledged before me John Harison Register and Humphrey Clarke of her owne accorde, that her brother Jo: Leece comeinge one night late from Peel towne, herselfe and husband beinge in bed, knowcked at ye door; her husband asking who was there that tyme of night, he made answeare, his wives brother, and desired to be lett in, whereupon ye wife arose out of bed and opened him the doore, wch no sooner was done, but taking her in his arms in the doore kissed her many tymes sayinge he loved her the best of any in the world; after goeinge in to her husband desired him to give his wife leave to goe with him a peece of the way home, for he was afraid to goe alone, whereunto he consentinge they went forth togeather and when they were a good way from ye house he tould her that he must needs have the use of her body, but she answered, woe is me; is ther not women ynough in the world besydes his sister wch came out of one wombe; then he desired ---[in fold] help him over the mill-dam, and he stoppinge ---[fold] she left him & ran homeward as fast as she ----[fold] wch when he perceived he cryed unto her ----[fold] I warrant thou will tell this abroad the morrow ---[fold] hastninge home wth great feare whent returninge him ----[fold] come panting ----[fold] blowinge in, -- her husband askinge her yet[?] ----[fold] sayd she was afraide of beinge scared by the w----[fold].

[This following was a page tucked in towards the end of the censure of Sir William Cosnahan and his wife Elizabeth Cosnahan alias Bridson:]
Examinations taken touching John Leece for ravishing of his sister.
Henry Lace sworne saith yt he hard, yt Leece did attempt to ravish his sister & yt Thomas Quirke of K Patricke & Tho: Kenagh of the same parish & Katherin Cordeige report ye same.



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