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Kirk Bride Presentments Feb 8th 1729

The wardens present yt the church yard fence is out of repair.

William Christian presented, for carrying a load of timber by ye church on New Years day.

Chas & Pat Quark presented for thatching on all Saints day N.B. they both attended divine service duly on ye same day John Cowil sumner, presented for cursing a dog, as he was driving him out of church. [To be admonished]

The Curate presents John Cowil of Ballavarkess for some very prophane & irreverent expressions utter'd by ye sd Cowil with relation to ye most Holy Sacrament of ye Body & Blood of Christ:

The particulars of this presentment are as follows:
On Monday ye second inst being Candlemas day, the Curate with several others (of whom ye sd Cowil was one) being at dinner in ye Clerk's house, He the sd Cowil started up at table and taking a piece of wheat bread in his hand, he broke it, & express'd himself in words to this effect:- Easter is approaching & I must receive the Sacrament; but what is that: Why, the Minister will me me such a bit of bread as this, and I must pay him two pence for it; - Now, I myself can do all this, as well at home, & save my two pence. Whereupon, one that was present, viz: William Crow, answered, that there was great difference to be made between his house, & the House of God, to which Cowil replied yt his house was as much the House of God, as the Church it self.

James Christian of Cranston presented for fornication wth Margaret Crinn of Kk Xt Lezayre [Both 7 dies in eccleasem, & 3 in Ecclae] [a child James s/o James Christian & Margt Kneen bapt Lez 1729-01-13]

Defuncts since last circuit: Patrick Corlet & John Howland

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