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There were a several pages in the Presentments of Ballaugh for early 1759 regarding the behaviour on at the Oiel Verrey on Christmas Eve.


Ballaugh Presentments, 14 January 1759, No. 27.

The Humble Address & Representation of Us the Principall Inhabitants & Masters of Families in the Parish of Ballaugh

That we do hereby declare our utter Abhorrence & Resentment of the Unworthy & Unbecoming Behaviour of some of our Young People & others unknown, towards the Rev[eren]d Mr Moore our Rector, on the eve of last Christmas Day & the morning of the same, in riotously surrounding his House & throwing up stones on the Roof to the great Terror & Annoyance of his Family with outragious Noise & Tumult, calling on Him, at an Unusual & Unseasonable Time, to come forth, & do his Duty at the Ill-Verry-though & repeatedly told that He was so very Ill in his Bed that He could not possibly come-Continuing their Rude & Turbulent Behaviour from before Midnight till the Daylight dispersed them, the next morning-Which had such an Effect on him, as to disable Him from doing the whole of his Duty on Christmas Day when with great Pain & Difficulty, as we cold easily discern, He administered the Sacrament to an Hundred & Fifty Communicants. [].

John Tear P C
Tho Corlett
John Stephan
William Kewish
Dan Corkill X
Tho Kneen X
Ewan Corlet X
John Clark X
John Myllevorrey X
John Cain X
Philip Cottiman X
Nichs Mylrea X
Matt Cowle

Ballaugh Presentments, 25 February 1759, no. 29.

"The Wardens, upon the Complaint of Thos Stephen, present the Rector for not performing Divine Service before Daylight on Christmas Day, commonly called the Oie-Il-Wurrey-Referr'd to Tryal".

Ballaugh Presentments, 1759, pp 25/6

To the worshipful & revd messrs Robt Radcliffe and Mathias Curphy Vicrs Genll
Douglas Mar 6 1759
Dear Sir
Having laid out my Mattrs so as to have been
at Ballaugh last Sunday & to stay till Wednesday to
the courts - I was unhappily on Friday seized wth a
return of my old disordr wch confind me to my bed &
still hangs abt me - so as to discourage me from ventur=
ing over the mountains - as I fully intended - to
advise wth you & Mr Curphy & Mr Wilks - abt preventing
if possible - the riotous & tumultuous manr of spending
the Xmas eve at Ballaugh - to go abt to describe
it to you - wd only shock yr belief - but the worship
of Bacchus or the devil wd only come up to that
height of enthusiasm & frantik distraction which
some of our foolish people shewd on that occassion
so that had I been never so able - so I was not
being then very ill - & they so told by the clark -
I'd not think of prostituting the sacred office by
joining in prayr wth people amongst whom were to
many mad & drunken people - for sober they wd
no be & so behave -  they put it out of 
my power to serve them & then run into riot &
outrage because I'd not come to do my duty
Though I know all the ringleadrs of this madness - who
are such as will be in all parishes, very angry men, because they
cant have wt tythes they please - yet I wd very willingly
overlook & from my heart forgive wt is passd - if you
Gentlemen, to whom I refer the redress of this matter, with
my Lord Bishop's advice & opinion had herein, will be so good
as to give some directions on this my complaint, for the
future prevention of such enormity to the more serious &
suitable manner of observing & solemniizing the Ill-vorry
& to prevent as far as may such indecencys & irregularitys
as under the cover of the night & darkness are too
often, tis to be feard committed on such nocturnal meetings
wer favourable to debauchery & lewdness -
As some serious people were much affronted at wt had
happend - Mr Corlet thought it proper to propose an address
to Lord Bp from the parish on the occasion - & accordingly pro=
duced one, after morning prayrs on Sunday - to be signed by such
as were so disposed before they dispersed - but the malcontents
raised such an uproar in the church - that he was glad to get
out & leave them to themselves - though wt was proposed was
only an act of common practice to themselves as well as to me
As I am afraid I cant be able to wait on you - I must
leave it to your equity & justice - as well as to your duty & re=
gard to the institutions of our Christianity to apply some remedies
to the evils complained of - I wd have mentiond these things
to you when I saw you last - but thought it improper to an=
ticipate wt I intended to open more fully to the court
Hoping you'l excuse & dispence wth my attendance & that
Mr Corlet may be permitted to appear for gentlemen
yr most obedt humble sert & bro
Philip Moore


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