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Arbory Presentments 1727

Henry Waterson, Jon Qualtrough, Wm Hutchin & Jon Duckan Mtrs and owners of boats at Peel castle, being this day charg'd at ye suit of the vicar & proctors of Kk Arbory about ye fish tyth of their boats, & they obstinately refusing to pay any such, alledging they are cotters upon the, estate of Balladowle, which allegation is not material. It is therefore ordered, that they, the sd Mtrs & owners do for & future pay a tyth duly out of their fish according to the statute law which if they refuse to do, thay are to be committed unto St German's prison there to remain, till they give bonds to submit & pay all fines.
Dated at Kk Arbory ye 3rd Aug 1727
John Curghey
To ye sumner of Kk Arbory, who if disoby'd is to send for ye assistance of a soldier from ye constable of Castle Rushen


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