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Andreas Presentments 1749

The subscribed are the names of several of the Parishnrs of Kk Andrews who have children, yet do not send them to school, so that of late, there is none be kept, neither is there a school-house:

John Kneal
John Martin
Dan Teare
Widow Cleator
John Teare
Tho Lace
Willm Kneale Sr?
Wm Dougherdy
James Wade
Tho Radcliffe
Wm Kneal B.beg
Andr Kneal
Char Radcliffe
Wid Sayle
Jo Sayle Bowes?
Jo Cleater
Wm Lace
Dan Sayle
Phil Radcliffe
Tho Brew

Char Moore, Dan Xtian, Tho Sayle, Wm Xtian Wardens

At Lezayre May 30 1749 - It being presented to the court that there is no diligent school kept in the parish and the master in his defence that he frequently gives the parishnrs publick notice to send their children and that they neglect to do so. The Court finds that there is no fixed school house to teache in - and whereas the Revd Mr Cur[] has offer'd the parishnrs a piece of ground to build a school house upon wth wt will be a garden or haggard for the use of the master. The Right Revd the Lord Bishop recomends it to the parishnrs to build a school-house on the sd ground - or whereever else, they shall judge it
Wm Xtian

[There was no school house in 1757. The only sale of a ground for a school house was in 1790 when Philip Radcliffe,being apprehensive of the great want of a Parochial school-house in or near the centre of the parish, sold[NSS May 1790 23]a plot part of ballaradcliffe


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