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Andreas Presentments 1637

Archdeacon Wills 1637

Petition for divorce by John Quirk (parents Richard Quirk & Ellin Crenilt) of Andreas from Joney Fargher, who married William Caine: [John Quirk, when about 11 years old, and Joney Fargher were probably married about 1630, she went to Ireland, had a bastard child 12 months later, and then married William Caine in 1635 while still married to John Quirk. The proceedings are on several pages; I grouped them on one page to keep track of them better. -JMO, August 2005]

Andreas 1637: to ye right Reverend father in God Rich: by divine providence Lord Bishop of this Isle of Mann: the humble petition of John Quirke of Kirk Andreas. Submissively complaininge to ys good Los: that where ---[dark edge] ye poore suppt in his minoritie was maried to one Joney Fargher who beinge then at womans estate lived ----[dark edge] after mariage with yr petitioner 6 yearre to an end: but went to Ireland, --ere wthin one twelve=month she ----[dark edge] had a bastard by a Scotish=man, be wittnesses have eexpo----[dark edge] And afterward she maried one Willm Cayne in the ----[dark edge] church of Downe the 16th of Aprill in Anno Dmi 1635 as appeareth by certificate under ye ministers hand And moreover, wittnesses have deposed, herself to have acknowledged her mariage to ye sd Cayne. May it therfore please yr good Los: the promisses pro---t by wittnesses ---[dark edge] grant ye poore Suplc a divorce And hee is alwairs[?] bound shall ----[dark edge] for yr Ls: good success in this world & imortal felicitie in the world to come.


I James Watson now Minister of the parish of Magheredrale wthin the Dioces of Dromore & wthin the County of Downe doe hereby certifie to whome it may concerne, that I did about the 16th day of April (being Sunday in tyme of Divine Service) in Anno Dmi 1635, marry in the parish Church of Downe William Cayne to Jony Farrgher, after they were duely & claymed in the sayd Church (as formerly I have certified): Dated under my hand the 15th day of July 1639. James Watsone. Witnesses present at the signeing of this Certificat: John Tunman, and Hugh Moore gent his mrke HM[the H and the M are combined as one letter].


Certaine depositions at the appointmt of ye Court taken by Sr James Moore & Sr Charles Coole clarkes concerninge the before-names John Quirkes mariage to & wth Jony Fargher before specified.

Impris: Rich: Quirke & Ellin Crynylt father & mother to ye before ---- John, beinge demanded wt: age their sd: son was when he was maried to ye above named Jony, have deposed that he was betweene ye yeares of an Elaven & twelve at ye mariage and alsoe they have affirmed that she left him er he was fourteene yeares old.
Rich Quirk his mrk X
Ellin Crynylt her mrke X

John Cowle examined hath deposed that the sd Jony Fargher tould hym, that she was maried in ye Kingdome of Ireland to one Wm Cayne & yt she had a child by him.
John Cowle his mrk X
John Draughton hath deposed as ye former deponent: and ---- yt she tould hym ye she had a bastard in Irland by a Scotish man.
John Draughton his mrk X
Henry Christine hath deposed yt the sd: Jony would hym ----- had a bastard by a Scotish=man.
Henry Cristin
John Sayle hath deposed the same.
John Sayle his mrke X.



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