George Moore gives 4 tons of coal to Poor of Peel, 1784

[from MM MS11970]

Peel 31st Janry 1784

According to your desire I distributed four tons of coals to 32 of the poorest of the inhabitants of this town for which you have their hearty thanks & prayers for blessings on you & yours & the prayers of the poor availeth much I have been in Douglas yesterday & the day before so had not time to make out a list of the names of the people but shall do it this day & send it to you & that God may bless you & yours & all that belongs to you is the dayly prayer of
Your much obliged obed huml scrb
Geo Savage

The bearer is the master of the vessel & waits on you for the price of the coals
31 Janry Paid the ship master 3 4s

List (on sep sheets) - they are numbered with a tick against each name:

Robert Norris
Widow Goldsmith
Robert Quine's widow
Anne Shimon widow
Henry Colvin
Joseph Cannell
Widow Kenread
Ann Corean
Mary Quay
Widow Irwin
Widow Quirke
Widow Crosthwaite
Wm Cannell air
John Cannell poge
Widow Fairbrother
Wm Cringle
Jane Morrison
Cottier Scholar
Widow Ittume ?
Mary Caley
Widow Corkill
Widow Simson junr
Mary Crane
Mary Purvis
Widow Crellin
Edwd Dawson
Widow Carran
Margaret Clucas
Widow Corlett
Margaret Kennagh
Widow Simson senr
Widow Cubbin


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