Victorian Volunteers


Volunteer companies were revised in the 1850s in the UK, somewhat later these were formed into Administrative Battalions, so called as the companies were financially independent but with a requirement for regular assembly with other companies for drill and manoeuvres. These administrative battalions were re-organised in 1880.

On the Island the first such battalion was the Administative battalion of Volunteers raised in 1860, first led by the Lt Governor Major Francis Poynton Piggot, replaced in June 1863 by Major William Douglas Scott until 1865 when Major John S Goldie Taubman became commander until 1873.

The various Companies were

Though all (except the already disbanded 3rd) attended a united drill in November 1868, only the 2nd Douglas had a lengthy period of existence; it was attached to 15th Lacashire Volunteer Corp between May 1873 until April 1877, then the 64th Lancashire R,V.C until June 1880, then the 15th Lancashire R.V.C in Jan 1885.

It performed a number of ceremonial duties on the Island, usually Guards of Honour at Tynwald and other formal occasions; however it had annual camps in England with other units.

William Henry Hough, in uniform 7th Volunteer Battalion 1892 (c Tobey Gloss)
William Henry Hough, in uniform 1892
There was also a Band, which played at Cronkbourne in 1902 during visit of King Edward VII.



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