[From MM10192 book of Allowance].

Peel Castle Garrison 1617

Labelled on front cover "The Book of Allowance for paymts disbursemts given to Officers, Souldiers and Srvants at the Castle Peele... ending at the feast of St Michaell the archangel in Anno Dmi 1617"

Robt Moilnaeux esquire Captan @ ann £50
John Halsall Comptroller Clarke of the Rolles and attorney @ ann £13 6s 8d
the said comptroller and clarke of the Rolls for papir and incke @ann 30s
Edward Fletcher re[] by the year £8 this pay he allegeth allowed to him by my Lo: but noe warrant appth
Henry Radcliff waterbaliff @ann £10
Euan Christin demster @ ann £7 10s
Henry Radcliff constable @ ann £12
Jo Lace chrinigian[surgeon] for 3 qtrs of a yere 37s 6d
Tho Howlgate chirargion for one qtr of a yeare 25s

suma £5 9s 2d

Jo Cosnahan chaplen by the yeare 100s
Richard Halsall Mr Gunnr @ ann £10
Robt Orton porter @ ann £8
James Tayler armoner @ ann 20s
Phillip Crosse @ ann 40s
Anthony Bissley for halfe a year [] of a soldier 40s removed to the place of Jo Hitchons at Castle Rushen
Samuel Lee? guard at Duglas 46s 8d
Jo Ruskin soldier there for half a yeare mort 30s
Phillip Kelly and Tho Halsall either of them 20s the yeare in the romme of Jo Ruskin for one qtr

Soldiers at £6

Wm Bridson senr
Jo Colbin
Jo Lamb
Daold Colbin
Tho Casemt
Tho Otes
Wm Corrin
Rich Fisher
Wm Bridson junr
James Tayler
Phillip Curleod sclater
Jo Chaddocke
Peter []
Gabriell Westhead

(These have some prte of their wages determined to h[ire] such as due their duties)

Jo Cayne wright 60s
Dollin Quarres smith 60s


Willm Knakill boteman 65s
Robt Hodgson servant
John Hunter and Danold Callin two old servants and not able to doe the worke of a servant mann are both put to one pay 74s 4d

summa £10 11s 8d


Summa £35 6s 8d


for the soldiers some 25s per qtr [see the list for 1593]



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