[From MM100071/3/1 Lib Scac 1593 p21].

A Check Roll of the Garrison at the Peel August 10th 1593


William Radcliffe Constable
to keep watch & ward & to have £8 a peece for? ther dyet & 20s wages accustomed  
Petter? Vause chyrngony?
John Lambe  
William Leabricke?  
William []ister?  
Hughe Lambe  
Juan Cannel?  
Roger Barrow  
[]ese[]he Cocknesertee?  
Thomas Tunman  
William Leoneard?  
William Rimmor  
Richard Halsall gonner?
Hennery Ratliffe  
Phillip McCarran  
Mark Conneley  
William Brydsonn  
John Colbyne  
Phillip Crosse  
Thomas Radcliffe jnr  
John Crellin  
Leawes Johnes  
John Balwin?  
Richard Fisher  
Thomas Cleark  
Oates Crayne senr  
Rowland Whinroe  
Hugh Quay  
Donald Christen  
Thomas Caryne jnr  
Thomas Postel  
John Mawdsley  
Donald Coulbyn  
John Holland cook
William Coopr  
John Cleter  
Servants to be alowed to keep the house?
to have £3 [] & dyet
Richard Fasakerley brewer
Donald Callam maltman
Donald Precott boatman
Dollin Gawen  
John Standish  
John Lace  
Richard Atkinson  
Thomas Crosse  
Thomas Radcliff senr  
Aged men and unservisable and to th[] theire pencions
to have 40s pencion a yr? apeece
John Richardson  
John Tunman  
John Twates  
John Bateman  
Wm []nsel  
Gilbert McNamere  
Wm Shirlocke  
John Cawston? miller
Thomas Donson almesman
Henery Qui[] kitchen boy
William Radcliffe "
Henery Kerrold? []wn?eaid



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