[From MM100071/3/1 Lib Scac 1593 p20].

A Check Roll of the Garrison at the Castell August 10th 1593


John Clarke Constable
to keep watch & ward & to have £8 a peece for? ther dyet & 20s waiges accostomed  
Thomas Brookfeet  
Thomas Coppland  
William Langstrope  
John Rustin  
Jeffery Mollina[]  
Richard Cropper  
Thomas Martyn  
Richard Rogerson  
George Preston  
Hugh Browne  
John Rigmaide?  
Thomas Griffith  
Thomas Cowper  
Robart Hendeley  
Charles Bootle gunner?
Hugh Wainwright  
Henry Carratt  
John Mores junior  
Raynold Lucas junior  
John Wheatstones []
Robart Wheatstones  
Wm Crobin []
Henery Crobin  
Wm Lassall  
Thomas Chri[]sley  
Edward Lucas  
Thomas Casemond  
Richard Waterson  
William Prescott  
William Steaven  
Thomas Lea  
Richard []an  
William Quai  
Thomas Whetstones  
John Boardman cook
Soulders to have ther portions of 40s yearly  
Jeames Prescott  
Thomas Sallisbury  
Thomas Molley?  
Thomas Otes  
Richard Norris  
Owin Quealthroigh  
William Stoell  
Thomas Corrin  
John Tetloe by warrant
John Norris  
John Moores  
Thomas Lucas  
Richard Wainwright  
Robart Clark  
the maltman  
the brewer  
the milne boye  



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