[From MM100071/3/1 Lib Scac 1593 p19].

Allowances 1593

August 10th 1593

Allowances in Money for dyet duringe pleasure to be allowed & paid to the Capten, Officers & Soulders together

William Stanley esquier Captain have yearly for his dyet
Thomas Mortymer gentleman Recevor of the Castell
Thomas Burscoghe gentleman Receiver of the Peelle
Francis Holt gentleman Controller
Henery Radcliff gentleman water balyffe
  Constable of the Castell
William Radcliffe Constable of the Peelle
Donald Corkill Chaplen of the Castell
  Chaplen of the Peele
Henerey Cowley Scholmaster
Six and Thirty soulders a peece & not [] to be alowed a daily rashions at the Castell and Peell and to have [] a pound a peece allowed for dyett  
304 £16
[] a peece to be allowed at [] [] to keee them & to have a for [] dyet £3 a peece  
[][] [] waiges & pensions heretofore granted to be heareafter payd yearly wth amounteth unto []  



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