[From Lib Scac 1718]

Santan 7 Nov 1717
Upon hearing the complaint of Mr James Willaughan that there was a wheelbarrow and a water can broken as they were lying at Mr McQuire's works at Kk Santan that some cartwheeles were thrown down the banck into ye river, and that a cast back band was stolen. And upon the examining of sevrall wittnesses it appears that Hen Crebbin of Kk Santan, Jo Callin, Nicho Cretney & John Clague all of the said parish were seen to roule the said barrow up and down, and that the said Crebbin was also seen to have the water can in his hand. It is therefore ordered that the said Henry Crebbin for the said offence shall be fined 2s 6d and to stand committed till he and the others who are here informed agt do make satisifaction for the said wheelbarrow & can
The afforesaid Jo Callin did not appear therefore in fine 12d.

The works are at Ashold at what is later to be called Newtown (1st appearance in Registers is with burial of Michael Keenan in 1727) - a Mr James Wollahan is buried in Santan on 15 Oct 1721- "a rommane [Roman Catholic] and steward to Mr Mcquire in Ashhold was buryed in this churchyard at the east end of the church on sunday"


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