[From Lib Scac 1642/3]

James Earle of Derby, Lord Stanley &
Strange Lord of mann & ye Isles, Lord James
of ye Counties of Lancashire, Chester, salop,
Flint & Denbigh &c
To all people to whom these prsemts shall come greeting
whereas by my Pattent I have constituted & assigned
John Grenshalgh esquire my Captaine Generall & govnr
of mine Isle of Mann. Now forasmuch as my pleasure
is yt all my tenants & inhabitants of yt Island in this
rebellious & troublesome tymes shall bee putt into a
posture of warr for defence of ye said Island
against ye enimyes thereof yt shall endeavr to invade
it; knowe yee yt I have made choice of, appointed
& assigned  by these prsents doe nominate appoint
& assigne Captaine Edward Christian serigant
major of ye lande forces in yt Island under my saide
gouvnor there authorising him hereby to muster ym
traine & exercise all able men in ye Island in such
manner as my said genererall major shall think fitt
at such tyms & places as my said govner & major shall
agree and to comand & leade ye said forces for defence
of ye said Island & for repelling of ye enemies or Ins[]
thereof as ye case may require. And for his extertions
& recompence of his service in ys kinde my pleasure
is that John Grenehalgh esqr goubvr ther[]
rest of my councell of yt Island doe conferre & []
of some []porcons to bee allowed by ye inhabitants [& said?]
tenants towards his entertainmt for his paines in [form=?]
inge & disciplyinge  ym for their owne defence and
what yt shall fall short of compe[] recompence
I shall upon notice give warrant to increase it
out of my revenue in yt Island to his reasonable cont=
tents and all ys to continue duringe my good plea=
ure only: given under my hande & seale ys second
day of January 1642
true copy of ye original
entered by us
John Grenehalgh
Ewan Christian
John Sharples 


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