Douglas Soldiers' Home

The following hand-written resume was found in Government File 5612 S.H. ; written by Wm. Quine Hon Sec "Soldiers' Home" 4 Woodside Terrace and dated 30 Dec 1918

In April 1915, a "Soldiers' Home" was opened in Victoria College, Marathon Road Douglas, at the suggestion of the Douglas Branch of the Manx Temperance Federation. The chief object aimed at, was to have comfortable rooms, where the men of the R.D.C. forming the guard at Cunningham's Camp (Internment) might find rest, recreation, and when required - refreshment, at very moderate charges. The "Home" was opened by his Excellency Lord Raglan, who, in addition to a handsome subscription, lent his own billiard table, whilst during the succeeding years, Lady Raglan and he have given repeated proofs of interest and sympathy. The Home has been kept up by concerts, American teas, etc. etc. supplemented by subscriptions from Ladies and Gentlemen, in sympathy with the work carried on, and these included that of the Government Secretary B. E. Sergeant Esq C B E, Brigadier General Thomas, Col Anderton etc. etc. The "Home" has received a gratifying amount of patronage during its existence, not only from the Guard at Victoria Road Camp, but also by men from the large Knockaloe Internment Camp when visiting Douglas. The personnel of the workers has necessarily changed somewhat, but several of the Lady helpers, who were in attendance on the opening day, are still at work, and their enthusiasm has never flagged. Letters from men who have made use of the "Home" are being again and again received - some from far away India, and all testifying that the "Home" has been indeed "A Home from home". Below are the names of the principal Lady Workers, who have contributed their bit to make the Institution a success.

Mrs A J Quine, Miss P Robertson, Miss E Mylrea, Mrs Dodd, Mrs Davies. Mrs W Kerruish, Mrs Creer, Mrs Whittaker, Mrs Blackburn, Miss Broughton, Mrs J J Corlett, Miss Johnson, Miss Pinder, Mrs Quayle, Miss Shimmin, Miss Cousins.

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