Zur freundlichen Erinnerung an die Deutsch-Evangelische Kirchengemeinde des Aliens' Detention Camp Knockaloe - Peel auf der "Isle of Man", 1915-1916.

Translated Title - In friendly remembrance of the German-Protestant Church Community in the Aliens' Detention Camp at Knockaloe, Peel, on the Isle of Man, 1915-1916 - the illustration showing the German national oak-tree emblem, entwined with a ribbon in the Imperial German colours, red-white-black, in the shape of a tied bow is by William M. Hentschel.

Mostly pages of prose, quotes or poetry from various members of the Lutheran Church ministered to by Pastor Hartmann - several pages were however illustrated - that of the endpaper is excellent - note the single huts would indicate the artist was in one of the Camp 1 compounds beuilt befor the use of War Office standard platters was adopted

Ja, der weist grosse Manneskraft
Der, stark im graus'gen Schlachtgebraus,
Wie tausend um ihn fallen, steht.
Dort aber wächst sie riesenhaft
Auch dem, der lieber wär zu Haus

Vergleiche, wie's in diesem Tal -
Dem Babylon ein Paradies -
Seit sieben hundert Tagen geht:
Erbärmlichkeiten ohne Zahl
Man uns hier zu ertragen hieß.

Ja, wer die Prüfung recht bestand,
Hat wohl die Kraft mit hergebracht,
Durch Mutterwort in ihm gesät
O! Dass bis heim in's Vaterland
Sie ihm mög' helfen durch die Nacht!

Yes, he shows great manly strength
Who stands strong in the dreadful roar of battle
As thousands around him fall.
But over there manly strength increases colossally
Also in the man who would be home.

Compare how in this valley -
A Paradise against that Babylon -
Things have gone these seven hundred days:
Wretchednesses without number
They bade us suffer here.

Yes, the man who has successfully gone through this time of trial
Must truly have brought that strength with him here,
Planted in him by his mother's words.
Oh! May this strength help him through the night,
Until he return home to the Fatherland

Trans. © G. Newton, 3-9-2018

Other illustrations were more cutting:

In remembrance of the time in Kitchener's Patent

Or sometimes amusing - the numbers are presumably their Knockaloe Camp numbers.

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