Peel Grammar School

Peel Castle Street - prev Grammar school centre

Founded and established under the 1745 will of Philip Moore, merchant of Douglas;in 1770 a house at the top of Castle street that previously was owned by Philip Moore was acquired and judging from the building account significantly rebuilt c. 1784 under the direction of Robert Heterick who had been appointed 5th November 1781 as Master. It would appear that Robert Heterick (or Hetrick) was son of William Hetrick born Dalmellington, Ayrshire, baptised May 22, 1749; he emigrated to North America c. 1784 where he possibly taught at York County Academy, Pennsylvannia (incorporated September 20, 1787, as a part of the property of the Protestant Episcopal Church) as there was a Robert Hettrick there engaged at that time to teach Latin, Greek, and French languages &c; he may well have taught Latin at the Winchester Academy, Winchester Virginia, prior to 1810. He died on February 3, 1840 in his farm near the Hopewell Meeting House, Frederick County, Virginia, USA at age 90. There may well have been a personal reason for leaving Peel so soon after acquiring a new house and school as a Jane Heterick was born c. 1785 who might well have been an illegimate daughter though as yet no evidence found in the Presentments.

From 1798 to 1801 the Mathematical and Grammar schools were briefly united under Rev Joseph Stowell.- in 1863 following the sale of the old Grammar School buildings both schools were merged. In 1825 there was public agitation concerning the then master the Rev Gelling.



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Robert Heterick:

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Thomas Quine presented 1822 for not attending Church with his scholars


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