Hanover Street Schools

Hanover Street School 1905

Built in 1888 (opened 1889), with places for 830 children split between infants, boys and girls' schools.

Closed 1946, now used mainly as offices for Island trading standards department but some rooms still used for music and other educational purposes.


Hanover Street School - plaque

By the Education Act of 1872 school education was made compulsory for all children between ages of 7 and 13 (later extended to 5 to 13). The management of the schools was to be under the control of elected school boards in each town and parish (hence title Board Schools) and the costs to be bourne out of taxes.

Such schools were to be non-denominational (though still Christian) and although the the various churches (established and Methodist) opposed the scheme it was finally passed when William Isdale M H K (then Postmaster) changed allegiance and came out in support of such schools. The Roman Catholics stood firm and provided their own schools with denominational religious education.

The first such school was Tynwald Street built in 1882, then Hanover street, 1888; Higher Grade Board School (Park Road) 1894; St Mary's RC 1894; Murray's Road school 1899 and Demesne Road Boys' School 1907.



See Ramsey Moore's article in 1926 Education week booklet. and 'education' on my Subject catalogue

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