Ramsey - BMD 1600-1850


All data has been derived from the transcriptions in the IGI derived from the official 1911 transcription - thus it is a transcription of a transcription of an earlier transcription !


Census Data

Based on various Church, Civil and, post 1821, Decennial Census data

Census - Ramsey
Ramsey as reported in Census Data

Ramsey + Hinterland as reported in Census Data




Baptisms 1690-1850, Ramsey

The Baptisms are for Ramsey Chapel (Ballure) which was rebuilt in 1746 and was superceded by St Paul's from 1822; there was an earlier chapel but no separate records appear to exist. There is a gap in the records between 1756 to 1761, 1784 and 1804 would appear to also have missing records.

Baptisms - Ramsey Region

As it was possible that baptisms for Ramsey were recorded at the Parish Churches of Lezayre (North Ramsey) and Maughold (South Ramsey) the above figure shows the combined total - there is something amiss in period when Ballure Chapel records commence as the total number of baptisms almost doubles (? double counting ) , the dip in the 1760's appears due to missing records in Lezayre.


R.A. Houston The Population History of Britain and Ireland 1500-1750, Macmillan Education Studies in Economic and Social History (ISBN 0-333-56564-9) 1992

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