Lezayre - BMD 1600-1850


All data has been derived from the transcriptions in the IGI derived from the official 1911 transcription - thus it is a transcription of a transcription of an earlier transcription !


Census Data

Based on various Church, Civil and, post 1821, Decennial Census data

Census - Lezayre

The peak in the 1831 census matches a dip in the Maughold census and probably indicates a confusion over some boundary region. The sharp drop between 1861 and 1871 probably reflects boundary changes with the growing Ramsey.


Lezayre Baptisms 1696-1875

The register starts from 1696 - it is possible that the dip in baptisms reflects the re-establishment of Ballure Ramsey Chapel in 1748 but more likely are due to poor record keeping (also possibly similar IGI batch information removal - see Andreas).


marriages - Lezayre 1695-1875



Lezayre - Burials 1690-1875

Several epidemic peaks can be noted.


R.A. Houston The Population History of Britain and Ireland 1500-1750, Macmillan Education Studies in Economic and Social History (ISBN 0-333-56564-9) 1992

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Demography, Lezayre

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