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All Baptismal data has been derived from the transcriptions in the IGI derived from the official 1911 transcription - thus it is a transcription of a transcription of an earlier transcription ! - Moore writing in 1880's states:

The earliest book, which seems to have been a transcript of the original, is now in a state of pulp. Fortunately, however, it was beautifully copied, some fifty years ago, by the Rev. Thomas Howard, Rector.

Census Data

Based on various Church, Civil and, post 1821, DecennialCensus data

Ballaugh - Census Data



Ballaugh Baptisms 1600-1850

Note the Register appears deficient for the periods: 1612-1613, 1652-4, 1673-5, 1691-6, 1731-3, 1748-50

Houston quotes crude birth rates for England of 32/1000 in the 1690's and 33/1000 in the 1750's with a maximum of 50/1000. 10-year average Birth Counts are around 10 in the 1680's and 24 in the 1720's - using Houston's rates this later figure corresponds to an estimated population of around 800 which agrees with the reported population. For the 1630's the Baptismal count is around 16/year - giving an estimated population of about 500.


Marriages - Ballaugh 1700-1875

Any earlier marriage register appears lost


Burials - Ballaugh 1600-1875

Several epidemic peaks can be noted


R.A. Houston The Population History of Britain and Ireland 1500-1750, Macmillan Education Studies in Economic and Social History (ISBN 0-333-56564-9) 1992

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