[From Atholl Papers - AP X69-17]

Memdm with Govr Cochrane June 11th 1757

His Grace desires that Castle Rushen be repaired

To rebuild the two forts of Douglas & Ramsey

To repare what may be thought necessary at Peel castle and too new mount such guns as may be thought usefull

To get a plan for Douglas & Ramsey Forts N.B. what is meant by these forts is a place to mount guns upon and a prison below

To mount some guns on Derby Fort

His Grace has got from the Govr the auditt 1756 and the quarterly abstract from Christmas 1756 to Ladyday 1757

And the Marriage Act which was signed and returned to the Govr.

His Grace gave recept for 4186

The Govr brought over naturalization for the six following persons
John Thompson,
John Lewellin,
Philip Laffont,
Hugh Connor,
Simon Vashon,
Francis Dean,

The Govr is to give directions that a new book of the taxes, dutys or rates be made out

The Govr is to make the best bargain he can with Parson Quayle about the tythes a Hu Hd of Coastrotea [?] to be bought for his Graces use, a barrel of herrings to be sent yearly

That the Govr send over the Officers and Deemsters opinion as ordered by Earl Derby 11 August 1725, at the bottom of Mr Heywood's petition

That the Govr is to get coined at Birmingham 250 in pence and 150 in half pence

When a commission is appointed for hearing appeals, that Mr Crebbin's appeal from the court of Chancery in the cause of Deemster Taubman be heard as soon as possible, Mr Taubman's papers are all in Mr Hamersley's hands
N.B. this cause was an insult or indignity done to the court therefor it may be proper that his Grace employ counsel & an agent & defray the expences as soon as a commisn is appointed it is thought that all appeals depending should be imediatly heard, and assoon as any appeals is lodged that they be heard with all convenient speed ; and that is be recommended to give cost in all litidous (?) sutes.


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