[From Atholl Papers - AP X28-32]

[Report by Gov Cochrane] No 5th Decr 9th 1756

My Lord

Last week I had the honour to receive two letters from your Grace the one dated the 8th of last month came by Liverpoole the other of the 12th which came by Dumfries. The four orders for Naturalizing Messrs Forbes Ross Black and Kennedy has made those men very happy Three more petitions are inclosed to your Grace signed by Messrs Arthure Folley and Hamilton The last is a Member of Parliament in Ireland a gentleman who by great misfortune was obliged to come to this Island is Supervisor General of the High Roads has been of great service that way follows ni business so that his naturalization can be no advantage to him only a feather in his cape So if your Grace pleases to grant his prayer and att the same time to order that no fees should be taken from him upon account of the great care he has taken of the high roads it would be a compliment pay'd him and very well taken by the people of the Island.

By Capt Charles Lace we have remited three hundred guineas and by the time he returns to the Island I expect we shall have something worth while to send there is a good deal of money due by the merchants but money is att present scarce with them and i do not care to press hard upon them as they are all good men and will pay I expect soon so that I am willing to incourage them to goe on with their trade and to have a little patience with them.

Some time agoe I ordered a barrel of the best herrings to be sent from Peeltown to hir and from thence to Edinburgh to the care of Mr Archbald Stuart who will take care to forward it to your Grace I cannot gett any more that are good to send the best being all sold off.

As I am pretty well recovered I rather chose to delay my journey to Scotland till next summer when I hope the pleasure to wait upon your Grace.

I have sent an abstract of the customs by which your Grace will see we have had a good quarter. I am with great esteem

My Lord Your Grace's Most faithfull and most obedient humble servant

Basil Cochrane


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