[From Atholl Papers - AP X17-24]

Governor Cochrane's letter to Duke of Atholl dated Edinburgh 26 Oct 1763

Edinburgh Oct 26th 1763

Dear Sir It gives me infinite joy and pleasure to hear that your Grace continues to mend long and long may he live to be a blessing to his country.

The carrier brought me your letter and the dog this morning and a very pretty dog he is and I beg you will be so good as to give the man from whom you had him what you think willplease him which I shall thankfully pay

I am just returned from the country and am told the chase you wrote for is arrived at Boyd's whether he payd the man that brought it down for the turnpick and for the trouble I know not if not the money must be remited to him The chase I am told is very heavy and when it goes to the country will require four horses to draw it new glasses and a great deal of repairs it wants be it as it will I sincerely thank you for the trouble and time you were at in the affair which was very friendly and kind in you and all I have now to doe is to beg you will be so kind as to let me know which way I must pay the money which shall be don the way you shall direct

Before I had the favour of your letter I had an account of Deemster Taubmans death and it is true that some time ago I had a letter from young Taubman desiring me to recommend him to succeed his uncle to which I answer'd he hadparts and qualifications equal for the office which no bodey doubts but then there is no getting over the objection that he is a merchant which was a standing rule of Governor Murray's which he often spoke to me of which was that no merchant should be made a Deemster or in the Lord's Council and you may very well remember that this was the objection against this very Taubman for not makeing him Attorney General when Lace succeeded Deemster Mylrea but to putt it out of all doubt you will see how badly he behaves as Deputy Deemster by the inclosed letter [?presumeably John Quayle's letter] which you may make your own use of and then return it as I have not yet answered it. Another objection is why is the Attorney General past over which is never don except a very material objection against him Pray did the Governor consult the Lords Council when he made this recommendation which should be don upon all this occasions. I am

Dear sir your most obendient humble servt

Basil Cochrane

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