[From Atholl Papers - AP X17-18]

[Report ]No 11 [by Governor Woods 1 Oct 1763]

My Lord

I wrote your Grace of the 27 ult which I hope will come to hand, I think it my duty to acquaint your Grace that the Poor Old Deemster Taubman died yesterday; And as he sometime before his Death expressed great satisfaction in the hopes he had of your Grace thinking his nephew worthy to suceed him in office; In justice therefor to the memory of the old gentleman, and from the experience I have had of his nephews abilitys & uprightness not only in the discharge of his duty as interim deemster, but likewise found him firmly attached to your Grace's interest, I therefor beg leave to recommend him to your Grace as the properist person I can think of. And as to his being a Mercht, his quickness in the dispatch of business enables him to do justice both to the publick & himself, which in my humble opinion removes part of that objection; but at any rate he soon proposes giving up Trade in favour of his son. There is one thing futher occurs which I beg leave to observe to your Grace vizt that I should think his continuing in Trade much for your Grace's interest, as there is few years he does not add to the revenues at least 500. All these particulars I thought incumbent to lay before your Grace and I have the honor to be

Your Graces most obedient & most humble servant

John Wood

Castletown 1 Oct 1763

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