[From Atholl Papers - AP X17-15]

To His Grace James Duke of Athol, &c

The humble address of his Grace's most humble and faithful servants of the Presbyterian persuasion residing in the Isle of Man

May it please your Grace

We your Grace's most humble & faithful servants of the Presbyterian persuasion residing in this town and other parts of this Island, do hereby with becoming submission signify to your Grace ; that we have long had thought of having a Clergyman of that profession among us ; and to accomplish the design, after entering into articles of agreement among ourselves for his subsistence, we apply'd to certain friends in Scotland, for such a Preacher as they should think proper, and could recommend for our Minister in the Work of the Gospel : as this request has been granted to our entire satisfaction, nothing is now wanting to compleat what we have for a long time so much wished for but your Grace's most gracious indulgence & consent.

We entertain the greater hopes of your Grace's concurrence in this matter, as it would be indulging us in the principles in which we were early educated ; as we have always lived (and determine to live) in the warmest amity with the members of the established Church ; and as not the smallest opposition seems to be made to our design, by any office bearer (civil or sacred) under your Grace , in this Isle : In short as your Grace will easily forsee, that, in the ordinary course of things, no bad consequence what ever can flow from this scheme ; we humbly hope and sincerely beg, that your Grace may be pleased to permit our introducing a Presbyterian Clergyman into this Island.

We have the honour to be with the profoundest respect

May it please your Grace

Your Grace's most obedient & most faithful humble servants

David Ross
Robert Mercer
Ths Gillespie
Robt Gordon
Willm McCall
Robt Kennedy

Douglas 20th Augt 1763


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