[From Atholl Papers - AP X17-14]

Extract of a letter from Herman van Yzendoorn to Mr Taubman, dated Rotterdam July 29 1763

[presumeably included in a letter of complain to Duke of Atholl]

We have now acct how the three vessels that bought you last East India Goods from hence (whereurrder ? Captn Wolfers) are seized in Liverpool, and the owners have been forced to give 2600, bail to have them released on account of a late act passed in England above *40 years ago, that all such vessels remain confiscable that ever brought any East India Goods in your Isle, which act we never heard off, which carries now hard upon those owners as all three the sd vessels belong to one house and would spoil your trade. So that I doubt not but you'l all unite to work against such proceedings and especially the Duke of Atholl that he should come up to save his priviledges for if said Lord has the soveraignty of the Isle I think it is not in the power of all England to make any law that takes away his soveraignty on what goods shall come into his own country or not. What ever they may do with Guernsey & Jersey as that belongs to the Crown, and as I presume that you are the nearest to the Lord I doubt not but you have taken the affair in hand and shall be glad to hear your opinion of that affair of so much consequence.

* 7 Geo 1 and 12 Geo 2


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