[From Atholl Papers - AP X14-29]

1758 Septr 26th

Memorandums from His Grace the Duke of Atholl to Goverour Cochran

Settle Mr Hammersly's accompts and write him upon his not answering several letters sent to him from the Isle of man relating to appeals &cra in particular remember the Rev Mr Crebbin's appeal lodged near three years ago

(in margin 'to be wrote to by Major Harrison')

Signed a conveyance to Mr Frizle of the Old Store house at Ramsay for which he is to pay thirty pounds Manx and one penny yearly if required as a holden.

That a stop be put to Mr Moore's building of his storehouses at Douglass any further than his license allows him.

That the leads upon the roof of Castle Rushen be repaired

Signed an order to the lessee of KK Mellen [Malew ?] to pay to the widow of the Revd Mr Quaill that part of the tythes formerly paid to the said Mr Quaill [Quayle] due and ending at Ester next..

Answer to the Bishops letter by his Grace also answer to the Clergy's address &cra.

His Grace signed an order to the Receiver Generall to pay My Haywood twenty pounds British towards the building a bridge over the river at Douglas.

What silver medals and copper was sent to his Grace from Birmingham to be paid by the receiver Generall.

Letter by order of the Lords of the Treasury relating to an information of Mr Lutwidge of Whitehaven to remain unanswered at present.

The Stone Act to be sent to his Grace.

Letter Mr Moore Sons and company relating to the seizure of the Lady Charlotte at Antigua. Mr William Sharp Clerk of the Councill to be writt to by his Grace.

Governour Cochran has got three papers relating to the naturalization and papists which he is to return to his Grace from Edinburgh ('returned')

Letter to the merchants of Liverpool by his Grace acquainting them that the intended bridge over the river at Douglas cannot in any respect impede or hurt the navigation of that river or port.

His Grace has directed Major Harrison to write to the first fruits office at London to know if there be any vacancy in Chaplains appointed by his Grace in England and if there is that he get a proper presentation made out in favour of the Revd Mr Thomas Castley Academick Master in the Isle of Man.

Governour Cochran to speak to Mr Baron Maul and Gover Murray about the proper medal in gold for the governour of the Isle of Man and silver meddals for the officers.

His Grace directs that such parts of the roof of Peel Castle that is going to decay may be taken down but that the Armory and Storehouse should be kept in proper repair

Edinr Nvr 23

His Grace signed the following presentations which was given to Govr Cochrane viz:

Presentation to the Revd Mr Thomas Quayle for KK Conchan

Presentation to the Revd Mr John Gill for KK Malew

Presentation to the Revd Mr Saml Gell for KK Lonan

Govr Cochrane is to send to his Grace the case relating to the Roman Catholicks which was signed by the Govr and Officers.


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