[From Atholl Papers - AP X8(2nd)-36]

[Report by Gov Cochrane] No 14 Decr 11th 1759

My Lord

three days ago I had the honour of your Grace's letter of the 19th of last month and as to not makeing greater remittances. It is very true we have above one thousand pounds due but the last summer and hearvest we were plagued with tenders and cutters pressing about the Island which for a long time putt an end to all trade and a great deal of this winter the weather has been so bad that boats and vessels were often prevented from passing and repassing so that the poor merchants have suffered greatly upon these accounts I was obliged to forbear pressing them too much The merchants are the bees that brings in the honey so there is a necessity to favour and deal tenderly with them

We expect Capt Lace very soon and then I hope to be able to remitt five hundred pounds Inclosed yor Grace will receive two bills for 830 British besides what interest will be due to the day they are pay'd four hundred more is expected soon but that is now colecting about Glasgow The money belongs to the late Mr Mylrea's children the friends here are difficulted what to do with six hundred pounds of the money and if your Grace would take that sum and pay four pr cent for it they would take it as a great favour and if not agreeable to your Grace I shall order the whole to be pay'd out of the treasury as it comes in

Colonel Stuart now Sir John is gon for Scotland was wrote for by his son and I was desired to give him ten pounds to carry him to Scotland that being too little I was obliged to order fifteen pounds and that with the guinea pr week pay'd to him I sent an account of to Mr Archbald Stuart and desired him to get the money and creditt it to your Grace's acctt Sir John behaved very well and left the Island without a farthing in debt

I am with great esteem

My Lord Your Grace's Most faithfull and most obedient humble servant

Basil Cochrane


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