[From Atholl Papers - AP X8-23]

[Report by Gov Cochrane] No 5 April 16th 1759

My Lord

My last was no 4th March 19th and two days ago I had the honour of your Grace's letter of the 8th of March sent to me by Mr George Moore of Peeltown

As to the intack in the town of Douglas it is very certain both by Governor Lindsay's lycence and by the report of the great Inquest the matter is all against Mr Moore and as the incroachment made by Mr Moore is of no great consequence I therefore never intended to doe any thing that the world would say was ill natured But as Mr Moore for some time has been opposing government and raising disturbances in a very idle manner I thought it right to lett him see that I had it in my power to return his compliments and for the papers he sent to your Grace and his letter upon that subject they are a bundle of nonsense from the beginning to the end of them.

As to Mr Moore's next complaint relating to difficultys by officers in the discharging and delivery of cargoes it is very certain that it is a governors duty to support merchants and support trade and a Governor that acts contrary to that acts contrary to your Grace's interests. I made it my business to inquire into Mr Moore's complaints sent the colectors over to Peeltown to inquire into facts and found the whole of his complaints was idle and without foundation The principle complaint was that the Kie [quay]or harbour was too little to contain the whole of a cargoe of brandy and therefore he desired liberty to putt the casks of brandy into his yard till they were gauged which I very readily granted providing he would deliver up the kie [key] of the yard door to the officer there till the cargoe was gauged which he refused to doe Your Grace must see att first light what the consequence would be if merchants had the custody of brandys before gauging they might take out what they pleased & Captain Liddledeal [sic Lidderdale] who I sent to Peeltown has upon the strictest inquiry don his duty honestly and faithfully and my orders to him was to be civil to every body but take care that justice was don your Grace and the takeing care of your Grace's affairs is the reason of the complaint against him & it is true he does not act like that poor drunken body Capt Murray who I find suffered the merchants to doe what they pleased all that was said against him I find to be true and tho' I have him under my own eye yett he is seldom sober often drunk before he getts out of bed and never looks after any business.

As to the scheme to amend the harbour of Peel I am of Mr Moore's opinion that it would be of great service to trade and I have wrote to Mr Moore that no money can be borrowed without the consent of the Keys and if he gets their consent the government here will very readily concur

The affair of the tyths are att a stand till I have your Grace's opinion to my last letters.

I have sent an abstract and I am with great esteem

My Lord Your Grace's Most faithfull and most obedient humble servant

Basil Cochrane


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