[From Atholl Papers - AP 42B-26]

Supposed valuation of the Isle of Man 1764

The present duties on imported commodities as appears from the last 6 years accounts current amounts on an average to @ annum

6337 0 0

Land revenues @ annum

1375 - -

Impropriate tythes

317 - -

Abbey lands

121 - -


8200 - -

Deduct 777 for expenses in collecting the duties and charges of government and 101 a perpetual quit rent payable to Sir Mathew Lamb and his heirs

878 - -


remains clear of all deductions

7322 - -


Which being free of every tax or drawback its presumed that 40 years purchase will be thought a fair valuation and which will amount to


292880 - -

Civil posts in the disposal of the Lord, with the Bishoprick and other ecclesiastical preferments sallaries and perquisites at an average amount @ annum about



which is supposed worth 14 years purchase and amounts to


42000 - -

valuation of the Sovereignty


30000 - -

NB its thought that next year an increased duty will be obtained of double what the commodities are now rated at and that with an entire approbation of the inhabitants no supplementation having been made for upwards of 50 years, and the present duties being so low as a penny a gollon on spirits and half a crown a hogshead on wine and everthing else in proportion which would augment the income @ annum



which at 40 years purchase amounts to


255,480 - -


620,360 - -


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