[From Atholl Papers - AP 42B-1]

[Reply to Parliamentary Question 18 April 1764]

To the Honble the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament Assembled

In pursuance of his Majestys commands signified to this office that there should be laid before this honble House an account of such proceedings as have been had in pursuance of so much of an Act of Parliament passed in the 12th year of the reign of king George the 1st intitled an Act for the Improvement of his Majesty's Revenues of the Customs Excise and Inland Duties as impowered the Lord High Treasurer or the Commissioners of the Treasury for the time being to treat with the proprietors of the Isle of Mann for the absolute purchase or sale release or surrender of the said Isle to the Crown. The books and papers of this office have been carefully searched and from them it appears that the Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury have at several times since the passing of the said Act endeavoured to set on foot a treaty with the proprietor of the Isle of Mann for the purchase of the said Island and invited the said proprietor to make proposals for that purpose but it does not appear from any of the books or papers in this office what proceedings were had in consequence thereof

M Rowe

Whitehall Treasury Chambers

18th April 1764



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