[From Atholl Papers - AP 33B-11]

[Letter from John Quayle to Duke of Atholl, 31st January 1765]

My Lord

Upon landing at Douglas upon Monday night the 14th inst I wrote to Major Harrison & requested the favour of him to advise your Grace thereof and of the few particulars I could then furnish an account of any occurrences which since fell in my way, as Governors Clerk, I could not in honor but insert them in his three letters to your Grace -

According to your Grace's directions I have taken the liberty to enclose an account of my expenses to London - for the ordinary & extraordinary expenses, as I kept no account, have as heretofore left a blank ; and I beg your Grace will put the most favourable interpretation on my mentioning that my late good Lord allowed 5s @ day ; but if your Grace should think that too much, your Grace's pleasure shall meet with my most thankful acceptance

In order to remove unnecessary trouble at this juncture, all prudent means were used to show Mr Stevenson that upon his proper submission & behavious he might just now have it in his powerr to extricate himself out of his difficulties - I showed him his own letter whereby he had referred himself intirely to your Grace & intimated that your Grace had no pleasure in distressing him & that if he would petition the Council to have his appeal withdrawn Mr Winckley would appear for the Respts & consent thereto upon payment of costs - which would not be called for - he desired a little time to consider of the matter; but seemed so well pleased with the proposal, that in all probability, your Grace will hear no more of that affair.

The Hynde man of war lying in Ramsey Bay, Capt McClaharty sent his purser to contract for provisions in Douglas - he gives out, that he is soon to be relieved by the man of warr now lying at Dublin, who is to have the comand of seven cutters, wch are to be stationed in the ports & on the coasts of this Isle - There is a person gone this day to treat with them for some articles, so that the truth will be tryed - The tea ship the Major mentioned to your Grace, was from Copenhagen & discharged 194 chests & 54 boxes about 6,600 value, at Port le Murray - the other day about 50 chests were also landed in Peel from Gothenburg - several others are expected.

Your Grace will observe a very pompous account of affairs in the letter of the 23d inst - 'tis very true, every thing is set out in the strongest light, but nothing wants its voucher - could I know your Grace had an inclination to be advised of the particulars. Or should your Grace continue your desire to be informed of the several original grants of the Isle (which I have since made part of my study) Your Grace's commands shall upon these and all other occassions find my most ready and faithful obedience and endeavours.

I am with the utmost dutiful respects

My Lord
Your Graces most faithful and most obedient humble servant

John Quayle

Castletown Janry 31 1765


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