[From Atholl Papers - AP 33B-8]

[Letter from Daniel Mylrea to Duke of Atholl, 10 September 1764]

My Lord

Your Graces favour of the 27th ult came yesterday to hand, acknowledging the receit of the last remittance of thirteen hundred pounds Brit, and requiring a particular of the tythe money remitted.

In the last revenue book your Grace will find a full acct stated and settled at the audit holden on the 26th Sept 1763 Since which there have been but three sums remitted on account of the tyhe vizt

1763 Decr 27

35 0 0

part of the remittance of 1100

1764 March 8th

13 6 7

part of the remittance of 1500

Augt 18th

25 15 4

part of the remittance of 1300

which makes Brit

74 1 11

and manx 86 8 11

It is with great concern I am to acquaint your Grace that the late proclamation relative to this Isle has greatly alarmed the merchts - and the herring fishery is not so successfull as could be wished, but it is to be hoped things will take a more happy turn

I am with the utmost duty

My Lord your Graces most obedient and most humble servant

Dan Mylrea

Castletown 10th Septr 1764


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