[From Atholl Papers - AP 32(2nd)-9]

[Letter to Duke of Atholl from Lord Kinnoull]

Dupplin, March 9th 1765

My Lord Duke

I had the honour of your Graces obliging letter of the 28th past, and Mr Mackenzie had likewise before communicated to me the happy conclusion of your Grace's troublesome and interesting business, upon which I beg leave to offer my sincere congratulations to your Grace and my Lady Dutchess. Tho I can form no judgement how far the compensation is or is not adequate to the diminution you will suffer in your income, yet it is my clear opinion, that all circumstances considered, the agreement is such, as it was proper, wise, & prudent for your Grace to accede to, for the benefit of your family, as well as for your own ease and security. Your success in this arduous and delicate transaction is owing to your own firmness, moderation, & spirit. Your Grace has undergone hard and severe tryals since your accession to your honours, & estate, but your conduct under them has gained you credit, as well as experience. I hope that all your difficulties are over, & that you will receive your reward in a series of uninterrupted happiness and prosperity. My warm wishes will ever attend your Grace and family.

No performance at the Bar of the House of Commons has been mentioned with so universal and high applause as Mr Cooper's since Ld Mansfield left that Bar. His reputation is now established and will be growing every day. I wish him much joy of his success.

All this family desire to present their most respectfull complements to your Grace, and the Dutchess of Athol, and I have the honour to be with perfect respect and esteem

My dear Lord Duke

Your Graces most faithfull most obedient servant



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