[From Atholl Papers - AP 32(2nd)-6]

[Letter from Duke of Atholl to ?]Feb 26 [1765]

The weight which has hung upon me for this 3 months past, thank God is now dissapated I have been with Mr Grenvil this 3 hours and have concluded a bargain - you only saw the law on my side but there was as much or more against me.

We give up our soverainty & customs but keep our landed estate & as justice will be administered in the name of the Crown, they will likewise pay the officers.

Seventy thousand pounds and an annuity upon Ireland for the Duchess and my joynt lifes of two thousand a year - mighty good bargain I promise you as matters stood - and a fixd income instead of being under perpetual alarms
God neglects not them who trust in him

Pray acquaint Ld Kinoul of this


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