[From Atholl Papers - AP 145(3d)-17]

To his Grace the most noble John Duke of Atholl

The Memorial of the Members of the Scotch Presbyterian Church in Douglas

Humbly sheweth
That your memoralists, influenced by their attachment to the principles and establishment of the Church of Scotland, and with zeal to promote mutually their Interests as Brethren, and to discharge the Offices due to the community at large with credit to themselves and their country, they have form'd into a Church Society:
That after a vacancy of the Presbyterian Chapel for twenty three years, in the year 1788 they called a Minister ; that the public cause is supported by annual subscription which is made equal to their abilities, but which they are sorry to observe, is still below what they think a due support to their Minister, and what is necessary to give a solid and permanent Establishment to the Society.

Your memorialists therefore most humbly submit it to the considerations of your Grace, whether there exist any funds in England, or in Scotland, applicable to their situation : and if your Grace should judge that there are any, praying the favor of your Grace's generous attention, in that time and manner that your Grace shall judge most fit, to procure such annual assistance as may be thought expedient to bestow.

It is with sincere regret your memorialists have had to witness in this country, a violent opposition excited by the party spirit of a few prejudis'd selfish men, carried on against the laudible measures of your Grace's noble family.

It is with infinite pleasure that they are sensible of your Grace's disinterested views and public spirit - and that they are assured that the interests of this country, its laws, privileges, and commerces, have so sure a support as the patronage of your Grace.

Signed (in the name of the Society)

John Millar
Alex Murray
Jno Johnstone
James Affleck


James Adams
Alex M'Clure
Robert Monald
Robt Affleck
Alexr Bean
Will Kirk
John Archer
John Colquhoun Minsr


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