Appendix C(47) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]



Copy List as abridged (in respect to number) by direction of his Honour Lieutenant-Governor Shaw, of proceedings or acts of the Governor and Council, or, as in many instances they are designed, Governor, Council, Officers, and Deemsters of the Isle of Man, extracted by order of the said Lieutenant-Governor from the Records in the Rolls Office of the said Isle by John Quayle, Esquire, Clerk of the Rolls and Clerk of his Majesty's Council, specifying the date of each ; viz.:-




5, 6. ORDERS made by Council, viz., for fencing between neighbours ; against trespassing; enjoining persons whose lands adjoin the Lord's demesnes or pastures to fence the same at their own costs; against riding or labouring other people's horses, and prohibiting tenants to sell or convey their lands, without the confirmation of the Officers. Note (from the Minute or Index-book) : All those are entered in the Statute-book at large, vid. Old Statute-book, pa. 72.


19 Order in regard of dearth of corn, for a jury to inquire into each man's stock of corn, viz., four men to be sworn by the Coroner of each Sheading to enquire into every man's store and present the same, and that the same be brought to market, sub poena; and that all alehouse-keepers sell a quart of ale for a penny, sub poena pred'.


2. A proclamation that no one do cast reflection on R. Young.


7. Order allowing the export of corn under certain regulations and restrictions, on certain conditions.


13 Order to sell ale by sealed standard measure, species and price ascertained. 25. Order none to sell ale without the Governor's licence, sub poena.


58. Orders for recognizances for public-house licences.


7. No goods to be shipped or landed but after sun rising, and before sun set, to prevent frauds on the revenue. Note : This order signed by the Governor and Receivers.


18. Order the Spiritual Statutes not to differ from those on record in the Temporal Courts.


14. Order Jury to inquire into each man's stock of corn.


89. Respecting measures.


43. Respecting weights and measures, &c.


6, 7. Respecting Pedlars, and the value of Ducketoons.


13. Provision of Oatmeal for the Garrisons to be made by assessment upon the country for defence of the same. The assessment was ordered at so much per quarterland, and to which the Lord's as well as Barons tenants were made liable also the clergy; the overplus, or what was not needed or used in the Garrisons, to be for the benefit of the country : and the order appears to have been by the Governor and Council, and so many of Keys present as thereunto set their names; but still assembled as a Council rather than in Tynwald, the Governor having always the power of summoning to his Council, as such, the Keys, or any number of them, as he should think proper.


27. 'Concerning counterfeit money.


22, 24, 25 Against the use of Wherns, Querns, or Hand-mills, as injurious to the Lord's (grist) mills, in substracting or defrauding the mulctures.


4, 11. Order against forestalling, &c. All persons to bring their corn, victual, &c:, to market, &c.


28. Against harbouring runaway servants.


47, 48. Proclamation respecting boats, &c. That all persons take care of their boates, oares, &c., to prevent the escape of malefactors off the Isle; a particular person named accused of murder.


70. Lord Fleetwood's commission inhibited by the Governor, &c., on the ground that no commission or writ from England, or elsewhere, could have effect or operation in the Isle of Man without, or but with, the approbation and concurrence of the Lord and his Governor and Council.


59. Order respecting Quakers.


21. Order respecting Ramsay Fence embank-ment, &c.


51. Order allowing the exportation of corn, and Keys address thereon. This order proceeds upon a petition of the twenty-four Keys, as representatives of the people, stating, that from exportation being prohibited, the people were unable to pay their rents. The prayer of the petition being granted, the Keys present an address of thanks to the Governor and Council.


52, 53. Order respecting Sulby River. There are several proceedings of Court and En-quest, &c., relating to the breaches made by Sulby River upon the tenants' lands, and the daily encroachments, to the prejudice of lands, mills, &c., and the remedies prescribed and ordered for repairing the same, and bringing it to its ancient course, per Governor and Officers. These, however, would seem to be in their manerial capacity.


46. On a petition from the inhabitants of Castletown, publication is made on the Tynwald Hill, that the division of the Isle, formerly appointed, do bring their corn, victual, &c., to Castletown, sub poena, fine and punishment as accustomed.


4. Order Barons tenants not to hire servants from off Lord's lands, till Lord's tenants be first served, &c. This order published in churches.


81. Governor's orders for provisions for the Lord, then soon expected in this Isle. This was somewhat in the stile of purveyance; but the people from whom any article of provisions was taken, were always allowed in their rents, or the overplus paid them at the current market prices.


15, 16. Orders respecting camps, for defence of the Island.


41,12. Orders made by Council, viz., an order to prevent so many petty alehouses, and limiting the number in every parish That the Captains of Arbory and Rushen (parishes) do convene themselves and companies at Darby Haven, to clear and take up the stones and rubbish lying in the mouth of the harbour, so destructive to shipping: An order for mending and making passable the way from Castletown to Peel, through Kirk Arbory, per captains and companions: Division of the rents of Balleyre and Loughan-na-Madgsy, &c., p. 47 : Division betwixt Henry Quirk and Sill. Gell in houses and half a quarterland, p. 50.


28. Order for preserving the salmon frea ; dogs regulated; and against killing salmon in the prohibited season, and therein specified.


31. Orders in consequence of scarcity.


30. Order against greyhounds, and killing the Lord's game without licence; licence to be directed to the forrester.


34. Market towns to be kept clean.


3, 27, 28, 29 Ramsay Fence, as before.


37. Fullers to make sufficient work.


25. Order against a person who served a writ from Dublin, being against the laws and prerogative of the Lord of this Isle.


28, 35, 36. Order that all mortgagees enter their names in terms, or agreeable to the act of settlement.


80 Order concerning quarantine.


24. Order of Governor and Council, declaring a paper exhibited by the Bishop and vicars-General to be a base and scandalous libel. Judicial.


Order of ditto for transportation of six score bolls of corn.


Order of ditto binding the new intacks of Kirk Braddan and Kirk Conchan to Balla-Creetch mill.


Order of ditto binding the inhabitants of Lezayre parish tenants to a mill called the Speedwell.


Order of ditto allowing the mountain of Carraughan to rent.


Order of ditto allowance for erecting a mill in Kirk Lonnan.


Order for requiring all masters of fishing smacks to be sworn, for certain purposes.


Order for assessment, &c., to raise a sum of money to defray the charge of purchasing five hundred stand of arms, &e. Order for respiting the payment of the above till the 25th of March, and 30th June, 1741.


Order for the sale of corn, and to prevent the making of malt, in consequence of the general scarcity.


Order for putting in execution the former order, for raising a sum of money to purchase arms and ammunition.


Order for the distribution of the arms and ammunition bought, pursuant to the former orders.


Order for laying an embargo on the exportation of provisions.


Answer of the Governor, &c., to the Duke, concerning the mere fence between his Grace's demesnes and Ballamoor.


Several petitions and orders for enfranchising and naturalizing several natives of Great Britain and Ireland, on payment of fines, &c.


Proclamation on the death of George the Second.


Order of the Governor and Council for altering the districts of the two Deemsters; and a subsequent order continuing the division of the Island as accustomed, prior to said first order.


Proclamation by Governor, &c., altering the mode of proceedings at law, and the payment of fees and perquisites.



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