Name Index to entries in Woods Atlas

The following index is based on the collation done by Elizabeth Feist - the formating has been slightly rearranged from her original - the 6,300 entries are split between several files:

A  B  Ca  Ch  Co   D  E  F  G  H  IJ  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  UV  W  XYZ+Corporate Bodies

Each Table gives the Owner's name, the Treen (or other land type), Quarterland (or intack number etc.), Parish, # on the plan (note this requires access to maps to locate) and size in Acres-Rods-Perches (40 perches = 1 Rod, 4 Rods = 1 Acre).

Note an individual name against many holdings should not be implied to be the same person (e.g. there will be several John Quayles holding land in different or even the same parishes).

The # on the plan if suffixed with 't' indicates a tithe plan is available and was used by Woods to derive land holding, other an asylum plan was used - note also that e.g. entries 40 and 40t are distinct and different holdings. An entry of form (nnn) indicates that this holding is included as part of 'nnn' which comprises two or more land types (e.g. qtrland + intack)

The Asylum books from which these derive also include the tenant occupying the land - this was not given by Woods.

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