Port Erin - 1868

Plan Port Erin1868 O/S
Plan taken from 1868 O/S

The portion of a photo, which dates pre1880, shows the bay looking from the North West before the bay was filled with large hotels of which just two are visible on the scarp line - on the right the Falcon's Nest on the left what I think became the much altered Eagle Hotel.- St Catherines Church, consecrated 1880, would fill part of the gap.

The large house a little inland from the scarp line, near the Falcon's Nest is the 'The Rest' (later to become York House), built on the Magher Logh(Lake field) ,which was owned by Wm Milner who was a sucessful maker of fireproof safes in Liverpool and who lived part of the year in Port Erin - Milner is commemorated in the tower on Bradda Head supposedly modelled after a key to one of his safes. Below the scarp is a terrace of fisherman's cottages built by Milner who contributed much to Port Erin's development as a place for genteel family holidays somewhat removed from the noise and bustle of Douglas.

The Primitive Methodist Chapel, standing on the small eminence of Dandy Hill can be seen to the right of the Falcon's Nest.

Fisherman's Cottage Port Erin
"Fisherman's Cottage Port Erin, Isle of Man"
[Faulkner's Card No 525D c. 1904]

On the far right just above the shore is a house and possibly a place to hang nets - illustrated by a delightful painting by W. Reeves (tho' based on a photograph probably dating from late 1880's as it shows the lifeboat house of 1883 but not the later pier) in the background - the site is now occupied by the Herdman Institute.

Port Erin Bay c.1885

Further around the bay was the lifeboat house and the remains of the damaged breakwater


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