Laxey Village, 1868

Plan Laxey 1868

The plan shows Old Laxey village in 1868 - the old road from Douglas to Ramsey enters bottom left down a steep hill, crosses the old bridge and climbs steeply up out of the valley (the new road crosses by a new bridge higher up the valley). There does not appear to be a public house in the village at this time

Old Laxey Bridge
Old Laxey Bridge (c.1899)

Pickering Laxey 1832
Pickering 1832
Laxey Harbour v41756
Valentine Postcard c.1903

The two images taken from about the same position both show the old bridge and later development - the harbour quay was in construction in 1792 so it is possible Pickering has used some artistic licence.

View by Burkill 1857

The view by Burkill c. 1857 shows the village from the north

The harbour is dry at low tide but became important as the shipping port for the lead ore from the Great Laxey mine further up the valley. The building (a walled compound) on the shore line (just left of 1982 reference) was used to store the ore prior to shipping - this can be seen in the 1920 postcard view:

Laxey Harbour

The taller building to its right was originally built to handle grain imports for Laxey Mill - later used as a pipe factory. The pre-1850 Wesleyan Methodist meetings were held in a building on the foreshore associated with the ore storeyard. .

Old Laxey c. 1900
Old Laxey c. 1900

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