Ormly Hall, Lezayre

Ormly Hall, Lezayre
Ormly Hall - late 1960's

Formerly Ballaclaghbane (Mx White Stone Farm). Bought c.1850 by George Paton, father of Rev George Paton, who retired to the Island. Though George Paton, jnr is stated to have visited his parents in 1852, they do not appear in 1851 census nor in the 1861 census.

According to Kitto (based on usually unreliable notes by Mona Douglas !) the house was taken over in 1902 by the Quayles who ran a bakery from it. In 1881 a John Cregeen was noted as farm steward with Mrs Rawsthorne, a widow,noted as occupant.

Apparently some of the furniture was acquired by the the Manx Museum and used to furnish the T.E. Brown Memorial room.


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