Kirby, Braddan


Building commenced by Col Mark Wilks shortly after his arrival back on Island in 1813 on his retirement from the East India Company and marriage with his second wife Dorothy Taubman. Work was interrupted for 3 years when he was recalled to act as Governor of St Helena; On his return in 1816 his daughter Laura persuaded him that a third storey nursery floor would be a worthwhile addition..

On death of Wilks in 1831 Laura and her husband Sir John Buchan took up residence but in 1835 they leased it to Sir George Drinkwater who bought it from them in 1840. On his death it passed to his brother John Drinkwater.

Kirby is Bishops Barony and has the traditional task of entertaining the Bishop. In past went under name Ballafletcher though Kir(k)by is older title.

Most views are of the grounds:

Kirby from 5 Lithographic Views c.1845

Kirby from Five Lithographic Views c.1845



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