Ballahott, Malew

1869 O/S 25"/m plan - Ballahott House
From 1869 O/S 25"/m plan - Ballahott House

Originally part of Rushen Abbeylands forming part of the Abbey 'home farm' and referred to as 'Le Cot' in 1539; Balleycott 1674, Ballcott in 1680's (Malew Parish reg), Ballahott appearing by 1702. Lies about half a mile south-west of Rushen Abbey.

Owned by Huddlestone family from at least the mid 17th century (and probably before), sold to Captain Charles Moore (of Billown) in 1758; divided into two estates early in 19th century (one half originally owned by Wm Barton Tennison (see Feltham MI's) and then by W.B.Jefferson, the other by the Taubman family (see IoM Charities) but then re-united under ownership of Jefferson family, who for many years ran a lime-burning business, until 1947 when acquired by Mr Wilfred Cain. and family who modernised the house in 1956 on their return from Rhodesia.



At Home at Ballhott Manx Life May/June 1973 pp21/5 - however the comment that the first of the Huddlestone's came after the battle of Naseby is contradicted by the 1611 Abbey Rolls which show a Thomas Huddleston already there.



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