[quoted in Goodwin's notes under Stevenson Family - from Lib Canc 1644 3]

Transfer of Calf of Man

1643 [1644 NS]

Know all by these presents that we George Squire and Richard Stevenson of Balladoole, in the Parish of Kirk Arborie, in the Isle of Man, Gentleman, etc of the consideracon of a demise and Lease bearing date with these Presents made and delivered unto the said Richard Stevenson by and under the Hande and Seale of the Right Honble James Earle of Derby, Lord of the said Islande, of, for, and concerning the Farme of Balladoole, afforesaid and certaine Closes of the said Earle's called the old Myeres [? Mynes] as in and bye the indenture of Lease thereof is made is expressed. And for divers good causes and valuable consideracons, us the said George Squier and Richard Stevenson especially moving have demised, released and quyte claymed and by these Presents for us our Heyres and Assigns, do promise, release and quyte clayme unto the said Earle and his Heyres for ever all our Estate, Rights, Tytle, Intereste, Tearme of Yeare's Clayme and Demannde whatsover of and unto the Isle called the Calf of Man heretofore occupyed and enjoyed by us or eyther of us or by any the Predicessors of me the said Richard Stevenson to have and to houlde to the said Earle his Heyres and Assignes for ever, absolutly and without any maner of further Claymes or demand by us or eyther of us, or eyther of of oure Heyres, Executors or Administrators of in or unto the same or any parte [?] thereof at any Tyme hereafter. In witness whereof we have hereunto put our Hands and Seales the seavententh day of Februarie in the nienteenth yeare of the Rayne of our Soverayne Lord Charles by the Grace of God Kinge of Greate Brittanie, France and Island, Defender of the Faith, etc,And Anno Domini 1643

[19th Regnal year of Charles II began 27 Mar 1643 thus dating it 17 Feb 1644 NS]

George Squyer
Ric Stevenson

Sealed, signed and delivered before and in the Presence of

John Greenhalgh
John Sharples
Will Smyth.

Was George Squier father of Henry Lesquire ?

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