Open-air Baths

Four open-air baths were established by 1902

A fifth was established at Port Jack Douglas - though it apparently had some cubicles for changing there was no pool as such, as it used the sheltered cove.

Traie Fogog, Peel

Traie Fogog
Early photo (c.1900) of Traie Fogog Baths

Traie Fogog is Manx for Periwinkle Bay, the baths are in a small cove behind a small headland at the end of Peel promenade, the steep path down from the headlands can be seen diagonal left in the photo. Like Douglas had a retaining wall so that pool was filled at high tide. Presumeably Archer recouped his investment by the hire of towels (he was a draper).

Closed in 1950's when erosion of the cliffs rendered them unsafe. A shortlived open-air pool was then opened adjacent to the tennis courts at the end of the promenade - this was closed by the 70's and after much waiting a new indoor swimming baths opened in July 2003.

Traie Meanagh, Port Erin

Traie Meanagh (sometimes Menagh) is Middle Bay in Manx. Unusual for its time a mixed pool from the start — illustrated on many early Edwardian postcards.

Traie Meanagh, open-air baths, Port Erin
Traie Meanagh, Port Erin c.1904

Closed in 1981.


Opened 1902 by Hall Caine

Ramsey Open Air Baths
Artists impression at opening
open air bath Ramsey
from Mates Guide 1906
Ramsey Open Air Baths (ETWD)
ETW Dennis View (1920's ?)

The Official Guides to Ramsey (1901-8) described the baths thus:

At the harbour end of the promenade are the Open-Air Swimming Baths, where at all states of the tide, you may enjoy bathing and diving in sea water of absolute purity. Fresh water shower baths and comfortable dressing rooms add to the pleasure, and the enjoyment is complete if one patronises the excellent Refreshment Rooms which range along the front of the building. During the Season, most enjoyable Water Galas are held at the Baths, most of the events being open to visitors.

Quoted by Constance Radcliffe 'Shining by the Sea'


Port Jack Bathing Cove


Port Jack
Port Jack
Detail from JV 55439 (c.1906)

By c.1906 it appears to have gained a small changing room




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