Rushen Abbey owned considerable property in several parishes - it also maintained its own courts to administer their tennants and properties with setting quests etc appointed for each major group of properties. Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries in England in 1537 Rushen Abbey being a daughter house of Furness was also dissolved (though the legality of this dissolution is strongly questioned) in 1540 - the land eventually passed to the Stanley Lords however the rentals remained seperate from the Lords Rental as noted in Lib Assed.

The major holding of the Abbey was in Malew where it had been given a considerable amount of some of the best land on the Island - the village of Ballasalla developed close to the Abbey - the Abbey rent rolls cover the cottages there.

Abbey Land Rentals


Well covered in Chapters 6 (Malew Estates) and 7 (Other Estates) in Rushen Abbey and the Dissolution of the Monesteries in the Isle of Man by P J Davey + J R Roscow IoMNH&ASoc Monograph #1 2011(ISBN 978-0-9519141-1-3

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