[taken from Chapter 9 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

Of a fourth Manxwoman,

MARGARET CHRISTIAN, nee TAUBMAN (b. 1748, d. 1778),

daughter of John Taubman, of the Bowling Green, and wife of John Christian, of Milntown and Uncrigg, we can only say that, judging by her epitaph in Malew Church, she must have indeed been a paragon !

Tho' called away in the prime of life from the fairest prospects of human felicity; from the delighted hopes of most indulgent parents; from the tender affection of a loving husband ; from the early promise of an only son, and from an affluent fortune; yet, did she not repine. Innocence, virtue, and unaffected sanctity, enabled her to meet the awful summons with devout resignation. The esteem and admiration of the wise and good ; the dearest love of those that knew her best; the agonising sorrows of disconsolate friends, pleaded in vain for her longer stay; yet was not her death untimely. Blessed with wisdom above her sex, and virtue beyond her years, her task she soon finished. A specimen was all that was required, and now with the dead that die in the Lord, she resteth from her labours, and her works do follow her.


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